2015 Judges’ Short List

The 2015 Ledger Awards Organising Committee is proud to announce the 2015 Judges’ Short List. These projects garnered final votes from the Judging Panel. Recipients of the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards, drawn from this list, will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on Friday, 10 April at the State Library of Victoria.

Ambient Yeast. Pat Grant (self published)

The ANZAC Legend. Dave Dye (self published)

Art as Life. MP Fikaris (Silent Army)

At Work Inside Our Detention Centres: A Guard’s Story. Sam Wallman, Pat Grant et al. (The Global Mail)

Awkwood. Jase Harper (Milk Shadow Books)

Brothers. Andrew Fulton (self published)

Blood and Bone. Tom O’Hern (San Kessto)

Bug. Scarlette Baccini (self published)

Burger Force #15-18. Jackie Ryan (self published)

Captain Congo: The Perils of Pug. Ruth Starke, writer. Greg Holfeld, artist. (from The School Magazine)

Dark Hope Legacies. Phil Spinks, Chris James Melkizedek (Dark Hope Comics)

Dies Horny and Afraid. Andrew Fulton (self published)

Fortress of Regrets. Katie Parrish (self published)

Frankie Holliday. Nic Lawson (self published)

Gasoline Eye Drops. Chris Gooch (self published)

Gazer. Carla McRae (self published)

Gente Corriente. Vincent Zabus, writer. Thomas Campi, artist. (Ediciones La Cúpula)

In the Tasmania. Christopher Downes (self published)

Itty Bitty Bunnies in Rainbow Pixie Candy Land Save Xmas. Dean Rankine (Action Lab/Danger Zone)

Kudelka and First Dog’s Spiritual Journey. Jon Kudelka and Andrew Marlton (self published)

Megahex. Simon Hanselmann (Fantagraphics)

Modern Polaxis. Sutu et al. (self published)

Monster Zero. Frank Candiloro (FrankenComics)

Mr Unpronounceable and the Sect of the Bleeding Eye. Tim Molloy (Milk Shadow Books)

Ned Kelly. Monty Wedd (Comicoz)

Neomad #3. Sutu & Love Punks (Gestalt)

OI OI OI #2 .Various (Comicoz)

Onna-bugeisha. Frank Candiloro (FrankenComics)

Pinocchio. David Chauvel, writer. Tim McBurnie, artist. (Editions Delcourt)

Pistoleras. Frank Candiloro (FrankenComics)

Seven #4. Alisha Jade (self published)

The Squidder. Ben Templesmith (IDW)

Squishzine Brunstown. Various (Squishface Studio)

Teen Dog #1-3. Jake Lawrence (Boom! Studios)

Thistle. Sarah Howell (self published)

Tristian and the Gaza Strip. David Blumenstein (self published)

Two Posh Old Ladies Who Found Themselves in a Bit of a Zombie Apocalypse. Nic Lawson (self published)

Very Quiet, Very Still. Chris Gooch (Optic Pop)

We’m. Andrew Fulton (self published)

“When is A Door Not a Door?” Jen Breach, Douglas Holgate (from Explorer: The Hidden Doors, Amulet Books)

2015 Judging Panel announced

The Ledger Awards, established to acknowledge and promote excellence in comic arts and publishing in Australia, announces the 2015 Judging Panel.

The organising committee invited a group of six – drawn from a mix of creators, retailers, publishers, scholars and commentators on Australian comics – to participate in the selection of recipients for this year’s awards.

We are very honoured and proud to announce the 2015 Ledger Awards Judging Panel:

Philip Bentley, Greg Holfeld, Cazz Jennings, Amy Louise Maynard, John Retallick and Mark Sexton.

Short bios of each of the Judging Panel are available to read here.

Projects can be added to the Long List via the website’s Call for Entries page. The deadline for submissions via the website is February 13, 2015.

Support the Ledger Awards: sponsors for 2015 needed

With a fantastic judging panel for the 2015 awards about to be announced, and an Awards night locked in for April 10 at The State Library of Victoria, we have opened up the 2015 round of sponsorship. We’re extraordinarily grateful for the wonderful support of our sponsors from last year and are looking to receive similar support from an even wider range of businesses this year.

If you know of (or run) any business or organisation that might be a good match for the Awards, and might be interested in coming on board as sponsors for this year, please drop us a line at mail@ledgerawards.org. As a non-profit event, we depend on our sponsors and will do our best to make their involvement a rewarding one. We have several levels of sponsorship, so feel free to contact us so we can send you further information.

2015 Call for Entries

It’s that time of year when The Ledger Awards calls for all Australian comics projects published in the 2014 calendar year to be listed on the 2014 Long List. This Long List will be used by the Judging Panel to arrive at the Short List and eventual recipients for the 2015 Ledger Awards.

You can submit a project here.

Please note: We are implementing new submission form software to allow for immediate addition to the Long List. If you encounter a problem, please drop us a line. Even though the submissions are added automatically, all entries will be checked by the site admin.

2014 Award Recipients


Toormina Video. Pat Grant


Finding Gossamyr: Vol. 1. Sarah Ellerton, artist; David Rodriguez, writer (Th3rd World Studios)


An ANZAC Tale. Ruth Starke, author; Greg Holfeld, illustrator (Working Title Press)

Grubby Little Smudges of Filth. Daniel Reed (SLG Publishing)

Mr Unpronounceable Adventures. Tim Molloy (Milk Shadow Books)



John Dixon

Ben Hutchings

Gap Year Award Recipients

 2008 GOLD LEDGERS (for work published in 2007)

The Great Gatsby. Nicki Greenberg. (Allen & Unwin)

Vowels. Skye Ogden. (Gestalt Publishing)

2009 GOLD LEDGERS (for work published in 2008)

The Sacrifice. Bruce Mutard. (Allen & Unwin)

In For The Krill #1. Jill Brett & Greg Holfeld (Panic Productions)

2010 GOLD LEDGERS (for work published in 2009)

Hollow Fields Omnibus Collection. Madeleine Rosca. (Seven Seas)

Alec: The Years Have Pants. Eddie Campbell. (Top Shelf Productions)

Digested.02. Bobby.N. (Gestalt Publishing)

 Flinch. (Gestalt Publishing)

 2011 GOLD LEDGERS (for work published in 2010)

Changing Ways. Book 1: Mutation. Justin Randall. (Gestalt Publishing)

The Playwright. Daren White & Eddie Campbell. (Top Shelf Productions)

2012 GOLD LEDGERS (for work published in 2011)

Blue. Pat Grant. (Online 2011: www.boltonblue.com. Print edition 2012:Top Shelf Productions/Giramondo)

Hidden. Mirranda Burton. (Black Pepper)

2013 GOLD LEDGERS (for work published in 2012)

Mad Bonaz 4 Lyfe. Andrew Fulton. (Self-published)

It Shines and Shakes and Laughs. Tim Molloy. (Milk Shadow Books)

2014 Judges’ Short List

The 2014 Ledger Awards Organising Committee is proud to announce the 2014 Judges’ Short List. These projects garnered final votes from the Judging Panel. Recipients of the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards, drawn from this list, will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on Friday, 11 April at the State Library of Victoria.

An Anzac Tale. Ruth Starke, author; Greg Holfeld, illustrator (Working Title Press)

Cordite 43.1: Pumpkin. Bruce Mutard, Queenie Chan, Marijka Gooding, Gregory Mackay, Mandy Ord, Frank Candiloro, Mirranda Burton, Bernard Caleo, Pat Grant,
Kirrily Schell. Kent MacCarter, Ed. (Cordite Poetry Review)

The Corner Store. Louie Joyce (self published)

Da ‘n’ Dill – The Showbag Years. Dillon Naylor (Milk Shadow Books)

The Deep Vol. 2: The Vanishing Island. Tom Taylor, writer; James Brouwer, artist; Wolfgang Bylsma, ed. (Gestalt Publishing)

Demons. Tony Thorne (self published)

Digested.06. Bobby N., writer/artist; Wolfgang Bylsma, ed. (Gestalt Publishing)

Finding Gossamyr Vol. 1. Sarah Ellerton, artist; David Rodriguez, writer (Th3rd World Studios)

Good Dog, Whiskey. Kent Kobi (self published)

Grubby Little Smudges of Filth. Daniel Reed (SLG Publishing)

Itty Bitty Bunnies in Rainbow Pixie Candy Land. Dean Rankine (Action Lab – Danger Zone)

Kranburn. Ben Michael Byrne (self published/FEC Comics)

Life Zone. Simon Hanselmann, Lashna Tuschewski, Marc Pearson (Space Face Books)

The Long Weekend in Alice Springs. Joshua Santospirito, adapted from the original essay by Craig San Roque (San Kessto Publications)

Mr. Unpronounceable Adventures. Tim Molloy (Milk Shadow Books)

Neomad Book One: Space Junk. Sutu (Gestalt Publishing)

Neomad Book Two: The Last Crystal. Sutu (Gestalt Publishing)

Pubes of Fire, Pubes of Flame. Andrew Fulton (self published/Smaller Comics)

Rosa Goes For A Walk. Nic Lawson (self published)

Squirt-Stone – The Collected Plump Oyster Volume 1. Ben Constantine (Milk Shadow Books)

St. Owl’s Bay. Simon Hanselmann (Floating World)

Toormina Video. Pat Grant (self published)

We Can Go Anywhere But We’ll Always Be Where We Are. Katie Parrish (self published)

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Featuring Master of Ceremonies
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Doors open at 7.30pm for an 8.00pm start. This is a free event.
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Project samples for Ledger judging

The 2014 Ledger Awards Judging Panel is currently working through the Long List on the Ledger’s website. Each judge will be developing a list of works that they would like to see more of. The Organising Committee will be contacting various creators and publishers to have copies of these projects sent for further judging assessment. This is not a final decision, but an important stage in the judging process.

To this end, the Organising Committee would like to extend an invitation to ALL creators (if they want their work GUARANTEED to be read by the judges), to send in copies of work published in the 2013 calendar year.

Send six copies of your printed project to:

Ledger Awards 
PO Box 7002,
NSW  2128

A single, digital copy (PDF et al.) can be emailed to:

Subject line:
Ledger Awards: judging copy

Deadline for copies: Friday, 28 February, 2014.