This page lists the works released during the 2018 calendar year, eligible for judging in the 2019 Ledger Awards.

TitlePublisherFormatContent RatingCreators involvedProject DescriptionProject websiteEntry Date
DaemonAkreampuffComic Strip: digital or print, Digital only / WebcomicAdult Content for mature readers.

Akreampuff - writer / artist

The story revolves around Billie Hunter, a teenager who is completely oblivious to her daemonic lineage. After a tragedy, she suddenly grows horns and finds herself swept up into the world of the daemon! She’s expected to learn magic and combat, and to work against the enemy – Angels.

Unfortunately, the world isn’t as black and white as human mythology likes to suggest. Figuring out who is really good, and who is really evil might not be as straightforward as you think! 20:34:06
Sneaky GoblinsSelf publishedGraphic NovelAll Ages

Rene Pfitzner

I posted a page a week of Sneaky Goblins to my webcomic site for 3 years. In July 2018, I ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to get the entire story printed as a graphic novel. 11:00:51
RaymondeSelf published for The Mini Comic of the Month ClubShort Story, Mini ComicAll Ages.

Campbell Whyte, cartoonist .

A beautiful, emotional telling of a slice of Pablo Picasso's life at the time of the adoption of a young orphan. 20:45:05
Armoured Science Kung-Fu Cats #2Tom CaffreyComic Book Series, Comic BookChildren under 12 years of age.

Creator, writer, artist - Tom Caffrey
Artist - Ef Vazquez
Artist - Mike Kennedy

Armoured Science Kung-Fu Cats is a family friendly story about 5 different cats from 5 different backgrounds who have to learn to work together as a team, and vanquish the evil that threatens those they love.

 2018-10-30 19:19:52
Worse ThingsFrankenComicsComic Book, Short Story, Mini ComicAdult Content for mature readers.

Frank Candiloro, Writer/artist

Set in the 1950s, two gang members end up falling for each other in a brief love affair that seems doomed to fail from the beginning. 19:20:21
Killeroo Gangwar Book FiveOzone StudiosComic Book Series, Comic Book, Anthology, Collected Short StoriesAdult Content for mature readers.

Darren Close, Ryan Wilton,RW Adams, Mike Foxall, Gerardo Sandoval, Cameron Laird, Dean Giles, Lucas Testro, Adam Rose, Paul Abstruse

Book Five of the Killeroo Gangwar anthology series uncovers secrets of the mystic outback, drug deals gone awry and revenge at its deadliest.

killeroo.com2018-10-30 19:21:53
Homoti: The Turkish Gay E.T. RemakeSequentials JournalMini Comic, Digital only / WebcomicAdult Content for mature readers.

Can Yalcinkaya

My recent peer-reviewed, academic comic “Homoti: The Turkish Gay E.T. Remake”, published in the Sequentials journal, is about an unofficial, queer, Turkish remake of E.T. (Steven Spielberg, 1982) and brings together several academic and personal interests and fascinations of mine: cultural and political history of Turkey, B movies, remakes, gender theory, political activism, and autobiographical/underground comix tropes, in an attempt to develop a personal style in comics-based research. 19:27:17
Hell Broke LuceFrankenComicsComic Book, Short Story, Mini ComicAdult Content for mature readers.

Frank Candiloro, writer/Artist

Have you ever felt like you didn't quite fit into a scene, that everyone is cooler than you, and that there was something wrong with you?

Luce feels like that all the time. To the point where they wish fervently that they were someone else, anyone else.

They will soon learn however, that perception is everything and things may not be as gloomy as they appear. 19:27:23
The Black CatFrankenComicsComic Book, Short Story, Mini ComicAdult Content for mature readers.

Frank Candiloro, writer/Artist

A young disabled artist named Raecl discovers a small comic studio, and finds a place to create art. Unfortunately, they are soon interrupted by a group of angry artists who take offence to Raecl's presence in the studio, resulting in Raecl and their art being attacked. Distraught, a drawing Raecl does of a black cat comes to life, and they use this cat to seek revenge. 19:33:24
Cobber #5Siberian ProductionsComic Book Series, Comic BookAdult Content for mature readers.

Art & Story: Hayden Fryer
Editing & Concept: Mathew Currey & Chris Charlton

In this explosive double sized final issue, tensions ignite when ROXY takes up the Gunslinger's weapons after a night of tragedy. Now armed and ready to bring her devastating feud with the STEWART family to a bloody conclusion in the streets of DURHAM.

http://www.siberianproductions.com2018-10-30 21:07:01
Limit vol 1Self publishedGraphic Novel, Comic Book Series, Comic BookAll Ages 

Limit is based on a story i created when i was at film school which i intended to write a feature film script for, only to be too young to bring it to life how i had envisioned it. After many years of it kicking around in my head, and after self publishing a decent number of graphic novels, i decided it was time to revisit the project. It's the first volume of 10.

 2018-10-30 21:38:43
Funk BuddiesSelf publishedGraphic Novel, Comic BookX rated content. Not for minors. 

Funk Buddies was an experiement, inspried by a very unusual interaction at a convention, and spurred on by friends wanting me to push myself beyond comfort zones and to expand my storytelling skillset, in a genre not typically known for strong stories or characters. This was one of the most challenging stories i've attempted to tell.

 2018-10-30 21:51:22
Starlet MartiniSelf-publishedComic Book, Short Story, Mini Comic 

Danny Stanley, Brenton Vodic

A short story with a sex symbol adventurer with tones of menace and weirdness.

 2018-10-30 22:41:50
Mama Linh's Family BusinessComic Sans AnthologyShort StoryAll Ages

Matt Huynh

The story was told to me by chef Peter Wu in an interview with him and his mother, Xiao Linh Meng. It's about the tensions of growing up as a second generation migrant of a refugee mother working tirelessly in a suburban noodle house, how Peter had developed an independent interest in entering the industry with his own trendy bar, and how his entrepreneurship and desire to share cuisine from his heritage led him to working closer than he'd expected with his mother, appreciating her work and innovating with her recipes for a new audience in their new home in Australia.

With this anecdote, I wanted to discuss how second generation migrant children negotiate tensions between their ethnic history and their experience in a new culture - how they balance authenticity and loyalty to traditions with a need to transform and innovate to connect with a new community in a new culture with different languages and tastes. 22:42:23
Oracle Bonesself publishedShort StoryAdult Content for mature readers.

Matt Huynh

A story interweaving heroin in Cabramatta, fortune telling, royal ritual and the first evidence of written language.

matthuynh.com2018-10-30 22:59:54
EternalBlack Mask StudiosGraphic NovelAdult Content for mature readers.

Ryan K Lindsay, writer

A group of isolated shieldmaidens protect their village against a tide of men who think they can take their land from them. Vif takes her band of women off viking to quell the advances of a loitering mystical scumbag, Bjarte. But some battles rage on inside us long after the field is empty, and some opponents won’t ever stay down. Eternal is a haunting story of how vulnerable you make yourself when trying to protect everything around you.

This oversized bande dessinee graphic novella is a love letter to brutal violence and eternal emotions. With hyperdetailed art and gorgeous fluid motion from artist Eric Zawadzki [hot off THE DREGS], this story will be one of the most beautiful and heartbreaking things you will read this year. Written by Ryan K Lindsay, known for marrying emotion to genre in BEAUTIFUL CANVAS and the award winning NEGATIVE SPACE, this self-contained story is aimed to be a boutique item for your shelves, and a gateway gift to others you know and love. 23:08:20
Curriculum #1,3Self-PublishedDigital only / WebcomicAdult Content for mature readers.

Ryan K Lindsay, Writer

CURRICULUM is a sci fi pulp periodical about an intergalactic class that faces a universe’s worth of danger as they struggle to find their way home from the other side of the universe. 23:14:24
TriumviratusSelf-publishedGraphic NovelAdult Content for mature readers.

Shane W Smith, writer/artist

Triumviratus is an epic fantasy graphic novel about betrayal, destiny, and three desperate people whose misadventures in love bring the entire world to its knees. 00:18:27
Job Dun Fat AssassinMark Hobby Self PublishedComic Book SeriesAdult Content for mature readers.

Mark Hobby, writer.
Dan Watts, penciler, inker, colourist.
Ben Michael Byrne, penciler, inker.
Adam Kindred, penciler, inker, colourist.
Darren Stephens, colourist.
Kirsty Swan, colourist.
Matt James, colourist.
Jeremy Hansen, penciler, inker, colourist.

Job Dun, a story about a guy with body-focused dysphoria struggling to live his life as a horse.

 2018-10-31 00:34:23
Job Dun Fat AssassinMark Hobby Self PublishedComic Book SeriesAdult Content for mature readers.

Mark Hobby, writer.
Dan Watts, artist.
Ben Michael Byrne, artist.
Jeremy Hansen, artist.
Adam Kindred, artist.
Bolt-01, letterer.
Darren Stephens, colourist.
Kirsty Swan, colourist.
Matt James, colourist.

Job Dun, a story about a guy with body-focused dysphoria struggling to live his life as a horse.

 2018-10-31 00:40:55
The TensionSan Kessto PublicationsMini ComicAdult Content for mature readers.

Joshua Santospirito

A minicomic about how nerve wracking it is to make difficult art.

http://sankessto.com2018-10-31 07:38:28
TinsuitsSelf-PublishedComic Book Series, Comic BookAdult Content for mature readers.

Daniel Becker, Artwork/lettering/layout Design.

In the year 2121, Earth is finally free of War thanks to the incredible power of remote piloted super-human androids known as "Tinsuits". Since the Great Peace, the Tinsuits were decommissioned and exiled off world to Mars for the safety of all humanity. Now, the Tinsuits are piloted to compete in the most popular television show ever, the Crimson Trials, a battle royal of survival where one winner takes all. But the celebrity Tinsuit avatars lead much different lives than their human pilots back on Earth, and no one is who they seem. Staying in character may be harder than staying alive. 09:13:13
High School RomanceSelf PublishedGraphic NovelAll Ages

Story and Art by Jin Chan Yum Wai

A story about an average High School nobody who decides to ask out the most popular girl at school. A graphic novel collecting all the chapters of the web comic High School Romance.

www.highschoolromancecomic.com2018-11-01 16:55:01
Rootin' Tootin' KhamenSelf PublishedGraphic NovelAll Ages

Richard Smith, everything.

A mysterious woman rides into a small town west of the Nile, gunning for the tyrannical Pharaoh Carnarvon, but her plans are thrown into disarray when a pistol-toting mummy competes with her for the privilege. A straight-faced Ancient Egyptian Western full of action, curses and gunplay.

www.crystalseastudios.com2018-11-01 19:45:04
CorioReading VictoriaDigital only / Webcomic 

Eloise Grills, writer and artist
Veronica Sullivan, editor

The Shell Refinery, now named Viva, looms over Corio.
My paternal uncle who lived with my paternal grandmother in Lara for his entire life is one of the last of a generation to take a job there and never leave it. My maternal grandmother, Grandy, lives in commission housing in Corio. She volunteers with Greening Australia, conserving Limeburners Lagoon, a significant tidal wetlands that lives in the shadow of the refinery.
This comic encompasses illustrations, photographs, maps and ecological data, taking as its focus the land which splits Lara from Corio. Weaving together parallel narratives of my uncle's lifelong employment at the refinery, and my grandmother's environmentalism, the work of Greening Australia and the perspective of a member of the Wathaurong Collective who do work in the area, this piece examines the way in which intergenerational attitudes and beliefs contradict one another in our shaping of the land. Set against a backdrop of dying industry and flagging corporate responsibility, this piece asks whether the small efforts we make to clean up the mess of the past can be enough. It was first published by Reading Victoria, online in October 2018. 22:20:59
BATTLEZONECopernicus ComicsComic Book, AnthologyAll Ages

James Broadhurst, Writer
Aly Faye, Artist - 'Bounty'
Darcstorm Designs, Lettering
Mark Lauthier, Pin-up

Two tales of future war. In 'Duel at the End of the Universe' a crashed space pilot hunts down her enemy on a remote and hostile planet. A former soldier can't escape his past in 'Bounty'.

 2018-11-02 00:02:08
Sexy Female MurderessesGlom PressGraphic Novel, Comic BookAdult Content for mature readers.

Eloise Grills, writer and artist

Like a smoke alarm that plays “I Believe In Miracles” by Hot Chocolate while your house burns down.

Like a greased up stripper pole for use in emergencies, only.

They say (I say) that death is life cumming, and death by a sexy female murderess is the female climax: slippery, elusive and by the time it finally comes you’ll wish you were never born. Sexy Female Murderesses is a warning to those who would never heed it anyway, and a childlike joy for others, like floating your rubber duck down a river of blood.

Grills slices up figures of history, autobiography and speech, in a delightful springtime bloodbath for famously evil and evilly famous women—dead or alive, young and old. Burn your house down, poison your whole family, shoot your lovers point blank: just read this book before you do. 00:12:24
MYTH, Volume: 3Self PublishedGraphic Novel, AnthologyAdult Content for mature readers., All Ages

Scott Higginbotham - Editor, Writer & Illustrator
Lola Baldsing - Writer & Illustrator
Cameron Whiting - Writer & Illustrator
Jayden Alteruthermeyer - Writer & Illustrator
Pagie Spence - Editor
Zack Shim - Writer & Illustrator
Caitlin Smarrt - Writer & Illustrator
Elizabeth Englund - Illustrator
Nathanael Whale - Illustrator
Jessica Tobin - Illustrator
Jessica Harris - Illustrator
Alexandra Marbeck - Illustrator
Dominique Ashcroft-Buck - Illustrator
Sokaina Seather - Illustrator
Aleksey Mazur - Illustrator
Zuha Riaz - Illustrator
Dung Ngyugen - Illustrator

The Curtin Illustration Club is a non-for-profit student organisation based out of Curtin University and MYTH, our flagship publication, is an anthology comic released annually with all it's contributions, comics and illustrations made by our student members. 16:24:04
Octopus & LambSelf publishedMini ComicAdult Content for mature readers.

All Holly English!
I will send six copies. Please let me know if you would like me to electronic transfer postage costs to judges. Thankyou!

An 8 page, A4 black & white comic about animal rights; delivered in an intimate, accessible and sometimes humorous way. 16:53:13
Boys in TownGood Comics (Dead Singers Society IV)Short Story, Mini ComicAdult Content for mature readers.

Frank Candiloro, writer/artist

Part of the UK anthology Dead Singers Society IV published by Good Comics. A short tribute to the late Chrissy Amphlett from Divinyls, about a young woman in a rough town finding solace in music. 18:58:17
Star Wars Adventures 15IDWComic Book Series, Comic Book, Short Story, Mini ComicAll Ages

James Gilarte, Writer
Mauicet, Artist
Charlie Kirchhoff, Colorist
Tom B.Long, Letterer

This short story was the main story in the all ages Star Wars Adventures comic published by IDW. It saw James Gilarte's writing debut on the series as it focused on a new character being introduced into the Star Wars universe in Kori Ong. This saw focused on "an unlikely friendship" between Kori and the ever loveable droid that is BB-8 07:29:43
Truth, Justice and the American Dream: The Men Behind SupermanComicozGraphic NovelAll Ages

Thomas Campi - Artist

Ryan McDonald-Smith, Designer
Nat Karmichael, Publisher

Based on achival material, this book tells the story of the friendship between writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster, and places the tale in the wider context of the early American comic book industry when Superman was created. 10:51:10
Bold Ben Hall: An Authentic BiographyComicozGraphic Novel, Comic Strip: digital or printAll Ages

Researched, Narrated and Illustrated by Montague Thomas Archibald ('Monty') Wedd

Ryan McDonald-Smith - Designer
Nat Karmichael - Publisher

The complete collection of the Sunday newspaper feature that ran from 17 July 1977 in the Sydney "Sunday Mirror". When that newspaper ceased production, the feature ran in Sydney's "Sunday Telegraph" from 14 October 1979 to its completion on the 10 February 1986 - a total of almost eight years! 10:59:44
the Maribyrnong Freight NewsThe WestsiderShort Story, Comic Strip: digital or printAdult Content for mature readers., All Ages

James James/ All

What started out as a "Fake News" half page monthly segment about little known politicians in Melbourne's Western Suburbs, quickly had to be turned into a full page monthly sci fi/ adventure comic when the editor realised what I was up to. 19:38:42
A Thousand EyesThe School MagazineMini ComicChildren under 12 years of age.

Althea Aseoche (writer and artist)

A Thousand Eyes is based on Philippine folktale retold by Althea Aseoche and edited by The School Magazine. It was commissioned by and published in The School Magazine ('Countdown' and 'Blast Off) in September 2018.

 2018-11-04 21:31:31
Conco and The FudgeSelf PublishedComic Book SeriesAll Ages

Gooney Toons- Writer, Colourist
Butch Mapa- Penciller, Inner
Dave Olteanu- Cover Artist

"Kayfabia is a world that has been ruled by Champions for as long as anyone can remember … "

One is a circus strong man from 1921, the other a candy-flavoured demigod. Conco and Fudge couldn’t be more different, but both are Champions.

Thrown into a world they don’t belong, they’re forced to form an unlikely team and navigate their way through a strange world, and even stranger catalogue of fellow Champions. These two unusual characters quickly realise the only way they can survive is with the other.

From the unique mind of tattoo artist Gooney Toons, featuring the art of veteran comic artist Butch Mapa, and starring real life pro wrestlers from around the world, Conco and The Fudge is a tale full of heart, humour and heroics.

www.concoandthefudgecomic.com2018-11-05 10:15:34
The Tokyo 5Self PublishedComic Book Series, Collected Series: Trade PaperbackAdult Content for mature readers.

Andrew Archer - Writer

Originally inspired by the work of Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira) and Tsutomu Nihei (Blame!), The Tokyo 5 is an English language Manga that follows the lives of five young women living in the aftermath of genetic experimentation. The Tokyo 5 is an ongoing series with 9 issues planned for Volume 1. Issue 1 to 7 is available now via comiXology and a collected print edition is also available via the creator's website at 11:26:38
Ladies of the LakeBedside PressShort StoryAll Ages

Sarah Winifred Searle, writer/illustrator

Spooky, queer, Arthurian Bluebeard interpretation. Originally published in the Haunted Tales of Gothic Love anthology. Read full comic at link. 14:55:07
Flower of Rhode, Part 1: Wild Flowers (Inked Edition)Self PublishedComic Book Series, Comic BookAdult Content for mature readers.

Mark Sheard, Creator/Writer/Artist

Discover a new world and follow in the footsteps of two faun girls (Kelii and Jonii) as they venture into forbidden territories and explore a realm full of danger and beauty. 15:34:29
Help! I'm a Projectionist!Amplified PressMini Comic, Comic Strip: digital or printAll Ages

Adam Gillespie- writer and artist

A mini-comic collecting one-page funnies about working at the movies!

help-im-a-projectionist.tumblr.com2018-11-05 17:53:38
VioleNt Streak Vol 1Self PublishedComic Book Series, Collected Series: Trade Paperback 

Jarrod Elvin, Writer and Artist.

Dot Nightingale, a young alternative schoolgirl once complained about her town being so boring and that nothing out of the ordinary ever happens, but she stumbles upon a strange dead creature that propels her into a world of alien conspiracies, government cover-ups, secret societies, secret agents, mystery and intrigue, not to mention all the dramas of being a teenager in High School...

www.mick-macks.com2018-11-05 20:07:16
Checkers' World Collected seriesSelf PublishedComic Book Series, Collected Series: Trade Paperback 

Jarrod Elvin, Artist and Writer.

Everyone’s favourite sewer-dwelling crazy person! Join Checkers in his wild cartoon adventures that may or may not be all in his head. Part comedy and part social-commentary, Checkers travels through wondrous locales and meets a range of interesting and often twisted characters to find that he may be the most sane person out there!

www.mick-macks.com2018-11-05 20:09:25
New MalleableTaz, die tageszeitungAnthology, Collected Short Stories, Comic Strip: digital or printAll Ages

Christopher Burrows

"New Malleable" is an original soft science fiction comic series written and illustrated by Christopher Burrows. It is presented as a 30- episode series of comic tableaus accompanied by written verse, each stand-alone episode dealing with new and imagined technologies, specifically how those technologies may come to affect human relationships and emotions. 21:37:51
Crucifix Executioner: Revenge Killer ComicsGraphic NovelAdult Content for mature readers.

Creator/Story/Producer/Editor/Publisher Duncan Cunningham & Writer Aaron Cassidy

Crucifix Executioner: Revenge Vol.2 or single issues 6-8.

www.killercomics.com2018-11-06 09:24:20
Infamous Bad Boyself publishedGraphic Novel, Comic Book Series, Comic Book, Mini ComicChildren under 12 years of age., All Ages

Cal Young
Tatiana Larkin
Thomas Hamlin-Harris

First issue in a story of a Brisbane boy struck by superpowers and how he used them when evil forces arived in his home town. 12:14:12
A Week In WarrigillaTelokaDigital only / WebcomicAdult Content for mature readers.

Teloka - writer, artist

A Week In Warrigilla is an online graphic novel about Hazel and Willie, two ace/aro girls who get trapped in a supernatural region while road-tripping through rural Queensland.

The comic is inspired by surreal horror and mystery adventure fiction, centring on collaboration and companionship within an established queer relationship. It contains mild gore, violence, and body horror. 15:29:26
Dark MoonEverystDigital only / WebcomicAll Ages

Alexander Smith

A new form webcomic blending twitter and story telling, Dark Moon is the story of Lt. Rosa Barclay and her AI companion Josefka as they struggle to survive afyer being stranded on the titular dark moon , Persephone, which has mysteriously appeared in orbit around Jupiter

everyst.com2018-11-06 13:12:07
DaemonSel-publishedDigital only / WebcomicAdult Content for mature readers.

Alyce Sarich

The story revolves around Billie Hunter, a teenager who is completely oblivious to her daemonic lineage. After a tragedy, she suddenly grows horns and finds herself swept up into the world of the daemon! She’s expected to learn magic and combat, and to work against the enemy – Angels.

Unfortunately the world isn’t as black and white as human mythology likes to suggest. Figuring out who is really good, and who is really evil might not be as straightforward as you think! 12:46:56
Strangersself-publishedComic BookAll Ages

Alyce Sarich

A cute oneshot silent comic about falling in love on a train. (Girl love comic)

 2018-11-07 12:50:22
Monkey Junk Chapter One: Welcome To The InfiniverseSelf PublishedComic Book Series, Digital only / WebcomicAll Ages

Chris McQuinlan, Creator, Penciller, Inker, Letterer.
Leigh Piper, Writer.

When young boy Jeordie finds himself whisked away into another universe, he and his new-found friends will have to use their skills and wits to stay ahead of the bad guys, and uncover the sinister dealings of FUTUREGLOBAL Ind

www.monkeyjunkcomic.com2018-11-07 20:11:37
Super DogSelf Comic Book Series, Mini Comic, Collected Short StoriesChildren under 12 years of age.

Kashyap Dhital

Kashyap Dhital - 7 yrs, Grade II

 2018-11-09 10:56:41
I draw childhood cancer.Self PublishedDigital only / Webcomic 

Angus Olsen

I draw childhood cancer is an easily accessible social media comic resource for parents and their children living with childhood cancer by an aussie cancer dad. It brings empathy and relief to thousands of childhood cancer families around the world. 13:30:55
HandgunSelf publishedDigital only / WebcomicAdult Content for mature readers.

creator Brendan Gilet

A small 'comic' about a simple word play 15:42:19
Warm HandsTammy PeaShort StoryAll Ages

Tammy Pea - writer / artist

A short comic about camping, love and unicorns. 19:13:28